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BOI P&I Show Announcement - 23/7/20

The Show Committee met on Wednesday 22nd July 2020 and had the longest meeting in recent times debating the impact of Covid 19 and other factors which would impact on the oldest A&P Show in New Zealand scheduled for 14th November 2020.

It is with regret that we inform those involved, that by a 75% majority decision, the 2020 Show will not proceed in its usual format for this year.

We are exploring the viability of continuing with an Equestrian Event for 13th & 14th November 2020. We are contacting equestrian competitors and participants to gauge the enthusiasm and numbers to have this event.

Such decisions are very difficult and given our historical status not taken lightly.

However, the Show Committee are going to take the opportunity to have a strategic review of all that the Show represents.  We want to come back in the 2021 Show season stronger and focused on what an A&P Show represents.

We sincerely apologize for any disappointment or inconvenience our decision has caused.

BOI P&I Show Committee


BOI P & I Association Presidents Report 2020 AGM

The challenges of running and organizing shows has become more apparent and even more so given the challenges that Covid 19 has placed in front of us.

I am a glass half full person, but I am a realist when we consider what maybe in front of us. Last year we had to compete with other events which impacted on our gate takings. Namely the Captain Cook commemorations at Paihia. Couple that with the other events available such as the Kerikeri markets and we have competition to contend with.

There is no doubt we have a unique setting and vibe with our show. However, all shows are experiencing the challenges to stay viable and relevant. Fortunately, we have a great and sought- after venue for events. This has given us a source of income which without would have left us with a deficit result.

Costs are going up as we have seen changes to providers-marquee hire and sound systems being a couple of examples. The incoming Executive will need to be prudent in their approach to get savings in all areas to maintain our viability.

We are also faced with having to reroof the Hall. This will cost in the vicinity of $50k. The balance left in the bank account is the working capital we need to function financially. So, any spending will need to be measured hard for it’s return to our bottom line.

Sponsorship and community funds will not be as easy to attain going forward due to Covid 19 and the other organizations competing for that money. We will try of course.

This show has been very fortunate to have families with strong connections to Waimate North and the show continue to be an integral part of the show. And with all due respect to them, none are getting any younger. Succession is difficult to achieve and particularly for voluntary organizations. As members we need to bring people along to help with this succession. New members will be key. Not only for their enthusiasm, but also to keep what we do fresh and relevant.

I want to express my thanks on behalf of the show to all of you that make the event possible. I am well aware of the effort required and the commitment. This year has certainly been sent to test us. History shows that we have the resilience to get through. But it will take an effort to get the numbers through the gate to keep us viable.

Special thanks to the committee and the stalwarts amongst them that work so hard and give us the momentum we have.

Graham Moor

The Bay of Islands P & I Association

The Bay of Islands Pastoral & Industrial Association.  P.O. Box 26  Kerikeri  0245

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