Showgrounds Road, Waimate North, Northland


From 1889, when the equestrian schedule included draught horses and horse shoeing, to todays schedule with over 200 individual competitions, the popularity and tradition of the horse rings reaches all ages and spans generations.

Horse Section

  • Informal Unity Class

  • Hack Ring - HOY Qualifier

  • Doug's Opua Boatyard Saddle Hunter - HOY Qualifier  

  • Pacific Motor Group Ltd. Riding Horse - HOY Qualifier

  • RAS-Livamol Ridden Thoroughbred Show Horse Series

  • Rider Section - HOY Qualifier

  • Working Hunter - HOY Qualifier

  • Ridgewood Farm Hunter Jumping Ring- HOY Qualifier


Pony Section

  • Show Pony - HOY Qualifier

  • Saddle Hunter Pony - HOY Qualifier

  • Junior Rider Section - HOY Qualifier

  • Working Hunter Pony - HOY Qualifier

  • McGregors Pony Hunter Jumping Ring (A, B & C) - HOY Qualifier

  • Empire Mart Pony Hunter Jumping Ring (Group A) - HOY Qualifier

  • Pettigrew Lead Rein Ring - HOY Qualifier

  • Northland Mobile Crushing Ltd First Ridden - HOY Qualifier                                             

Double O Sport Horse Section

Kaikohe Glass Led Pony Section

Miniature Horse Section 

Triple Star Pinto Section

2019 EQUESTRIAN TIMETABLE           all times are approximate
                                                                 & subject to change

Friday 8th November, 2019
Ring 1  Saddle Hunter                              to follow Unity Class

             Riding Horse Ring                       to follow Saddle Hunter
             Rider Section                              1.30pm

             Sport Horse                                 to follow Rider Section

Ring 2  Informal Unity Class                    9am

             Hack Ring                                   to follow Unity Class
             RAS Livamol                               to follow Hacks

             Pinto Section                               2pm

Ring 3  Show Pony                                  9am
             Led Pony                                    2pm

Ring 4  Saddle Hunter Pony                    9am

             Junior Rider Section                   1.30pm


Saturday 9th November, 2019
Ring 1   Working Hunter                             9.30am

              Hunter Jumping                            to follow Working Hunter

Ring 3   Working Hunter Pony                    9am

              Pony Hunter Jumping (A, B&C)   to follow Working Hunter Pony

Ring 4    Lead Rein Ring                            9am

              First Ridden                                 to follow Lead Rein Pony

              Pony Hunter Jumping  (Group A)  1.30pm

Ring 5   Miniature Horse Section               9am


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